what's my why?

I've always been a student of art. My earliest memories are centered on experimenting with every art form I encountered. From an early age, I recognized the power art holds. It commands rooms and draws emotion from deep within its audience. It can center a crowd and connect strangers by a common idea. Subtle changes in color or lighting drastically shifts narrative and emotion. It has always been fascinating to witness. 

I still remember the wave of euphoria that washed over me when I first began to create photographs. It was a rush that was fueled by being able to fully tell stories, not just my own, but of the people around me. My camera was less about me and more about the stories that unfurled in front of it. It felt as if it was my duty to amplify these people and the stories that were being ignored.

Throughout college, that same passion for showcasing others remained. I worked through 4 years of learning how to effectively market and advertise businesses to create something that could stand on its own. I didn't want to help businesses make money off people. I wanted to help people with businesses connect with their consumers, in a way that was uniquely authentic. I wanted to empower small business and solopreneurs to tell richer stories and better compete in the marketplace in a way that I had yet to see. 

So, I created by scottie. o, a visual storytelling agency designed to build and support a brand that can fuel a business. Your brand is your story. It is what will garner authentic loyalty that will last. It is what should be communicated through every, single interaction anyone has with your business. Your brand is larger than a logo. It is the story of your business that people carry with them.  It is comprised of the stories you tell through your website, e-mailers, social media, photography, packaging or any touchpoint you may suggest. Ensure that you're building true connection with each one.


- scottie.